Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Catching Up & Week 1

I've been SO busy the last few weeks with work and preparation for moving.
It has also been difficult to do some of the final preseason tasks as all my preparation, stocking up and scheduling has to wait until I get to Texas.

Life threw me one of those unavoidable excuses this week. My dad fell ill last Monday and was put into hospital with a bowel obstruction. On Friday I drove down to Moruya as he was due to go in for his operation on Sunday. After a bad night Friday night they decided to operate Saturday but didn't have sufficient ICU staffing. So they operated and flew him to Canberra for post-op, with mum and I following in our cars. The post-op hallucinations and delirium were awful and the weekend and Monday were so stressful. I had to come home Monday for a doctor's appointment and to do final packing and preparation for my departure on Friday. He is physically over the worst of it now, but it seems to be taking a lot longer for his mental faculties to get back to normal.

Anyway - back to 12WBT. There was no exercise and no planning at all until late Monday. But I did make the right choices when we were out. I did manage to stay away from the delicious almond croissants and muffins in the cafeteria. On Monday afternoon I made up my grocery list to last until I leave on Friday - shopped and have eaten to plan since.

Starting weigh-in was completed on Tuesday morning (72.5kg is my official starting weight).
Measurements and first week weigh in were completed this morning (70.4kg - WHAT???? - in two days? - I think it's stress, or does eating clean really make THAT much difference?)
I'll do my before photo in Houston.
Fitness test (except for the time trial which I will do once I map out a 1km track in Houston) was done this morning. (My ab strength is dismal.)

I have exercised every day with running and stretching to Mish's plan, but replacing her toning workout with a GPT session at my local gym.

So - my first weekend in Houston and week 2 - here I come.
Looking forward to reading and printing next week's program to study and plan for on the plane.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your dad is unwell. Here's hoping his recovery goes well. Good luck with your (big!) move.