Sunday, 3 September 2017

Reviving a long forgotten blog.


I had forgotten all about this blog.

I'm going to revive it; more for myself than anyone else; as a way of staying accountable and getting my thoughts and feelings down on screen.

I'm hoping it will help me to progress my fitness goals.

So - a little about where I've found myself at this point in my journey.

I'm back working in Australia; FIFO between east coast and Western Australia. Working this way means that one is rarely at "home"; and for many it is easier to have no fixed address. This can make it difficult to maintain any regular exercise routine; and definitely does not help with healthy eating.

My most successful periods of weight and exercise maintenance have been when I have my own place and can buy the healthy food I like. But I have to make this work and not let myself slip back into old habits.

The weight has been creeping back, 10kg since my marathon 4 years ago. It's not pretty, it's not comfortable, and I can't fit into any of the great clothes I bought.

So this is it.

Be accountable.

Be responsible.

Be successful!!!

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