Tuesday, 9 October 2012

12WBT Warm Up - Exercise Challenge!

Walk, swim, cycle, row, run 30km this week.

OK, so I see how hard this is going to be for those people who don't exercise much. I should come close to the 30km with my pre-planned running schedule so I think I should ramp this up a bit.

Monday - 5 minute warm up + 45 minute easy run (Done - 8.5km)
Wednesday - 5 minute warm up + 5 x 3min/3min splits (Estimate - 6.5km)
Thursday - 2km swim
Friday - 5 minute warm up + 45 minute easy run (Estimate 8.5km)
Saturday - 20km+ bike ride
Sunday - 5 minute warm up + 30 minute threshold run (Estimate - 7km)

I haven't cycled or swum for over 6 months, so I'm a bit worried - especially about setting a target of 40 laps first up - but a challenge is a challenge.

It's in writing now - NO EXCUSES!!!

Challenge 1: Make a change - stick to training schedule 100%
Challenge 2: Reduce non-water intake - 1 regular skim latte, 1 glass wine, 1 short black 80%
Challenge 3: Move 30km - 8.5km done On target

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