Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 4 Challenge: Write it Down!!

The challenge this week:

Over the next 7 days I want you to write down everything you eat and drink. Don't change your diet, eat as you always have. For many the simple act of writing it down causes them to think twice about what they eat.

So I've started writing everything in my notebook. I'll total up the calories and publish them, but am not going to bore you all with a blow-by-blow essay. 
Today was fairly good although the chicken laksa at lunch and the Magnum Gold on the way home will blow my calorie intake out of the water.

My planned run this morning was extra long because runkeeper locked up twice after I started and I wasn't sure how far or long I'd run when I finally got it working properly. I then did the 50 minute workout (plus a bit). 
Those conversations were happening in my head - you've already run 10, 15, 20 minutes - why don't you stop early - you don't have to run the extra distance - you'll be late for work - you don't want to run too far too early. All those reasons going round in my head. But I conquered those voices and did the whole workout. A small step - but significant. 

Today I've done well with all my challenges.
- I DID get up at 4:45am to run.
- I ONLY had one regular latte (plus 2l of water).
- I RAN for 75 minutes (12km).
- I RECORDED all my food. 

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